The Dark Place

"the dark place doesnt ask me to be anything
or do anything
it doest ask me to smile
or be happy
or find bright sides
it expects nothing of me and laughs at others expectations for me
so... it's safe. in that way."

And that is how this all started, for me anyways. My name is Daphne. About four months ago I cut for the very first time. Something I never thought I was capable of doing. I was lucky enough to barely dodge the addiction that it would cause, however, the depression I would not. Through that experience and close relationships with several cutters I grew a strong compassion for anyone who has to go through that.
So here I am to spread a message to every self harmer across the world, be it cutting or burning, because of depression or any other reason:
We are more than the pain we feel.

The thing we post on here do not belong to us unless you see our tumblr url specifically on the picture. This is merely a collection of inspirational pictures.



timemakesnomistakes said: You are beautiful. Never forget that and never doubt that. Don't believe anyone who ever tells you otherwise <3

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I love this so much for some reason

I love this so much for some reason

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